List of 35 books challenged in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library Thirty-five Shocking Pornographic Books in Fayetteville School Library



Another list of 35 Objectionable Books

 in Fayetteville School Library. 

Warning - the excerpts below are so vile you may not want to read them!  This is a sample of one of them that is included.  Other books are in alphabetical order.

Quote from Push by Sapphire in Fayetteville School library.  "When did it first start? I don' know.. am good mother.. [he] jus' a high natured man.. She still little.. around 3 maybe. I give her bottle.. got milk in my bress but from [boyfriend] sucking. I give him tittie. [daughter] bottle.. bottle her, tittie him.. never get dried up 'cause [he] always on me.. we in bed.. her on one side.. [him] on other side.. [he] got my tittie in his mouf.. natural.. I hot. he sucking my tittie.. he getting hard.. climb on me.. Then he reach over to [child]. Start wif his finger between her legs.. he say.. This is good for her.. git off me, take off her Pampers and try to stick his thing in.. trip me out.. it can almost go in.. freak baby.. I say stop.. I want him on me!.. Sex me up, not my chile.. cain't blame all that shit happen to [her] on me... he her daddy, but he was my man!.... I hate Mama, she ain' shit."

 - My clit swell up I think daddy. [he] sick me, disgust me, but still he sex me up ..nawshus.. stomach but hot tight in my twat.. want it back, the smell of the bedroom, the hurt.. pump my pussy in out in out in out awww I come. he bite me hard.. slam his hips into me HARD. I scream in pain he come.. slap my thighs.. Orgasm in me, his body shaking.. call me Fat Mama, Big Hole! You LOVE it! say you love it!.. wanna say I DON'T.. I'm a chile. But my pussy popping like grease in a frying pan. he slam in me again. His dick soft. he start sucking my tittie... wait for him to get off me.. stare at wall.. then my body take me over again, like shocks after earthquake, shiver me, I come again. My body not mine. I hate it coming.. go bafroom.. smear shit on my face. Feel good. Don't know why but it do."  Both these paragraphs are from the novel Push by Sapphire.


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        Books below include vile, vulgar, obscene, graphic, explicit passages on sex,  oral sex, anal sex, sadomasochism, multiple partners, three-way sex, gang rape, orgies, group sex, homosexual sex,  lesbian sex, psychopathic sexual  murders, and pedophilia in a titillating manner. 


           (The grade level of the library is given just after the title and author. FHS stands for Fayetteville High School;  Woodland for Woodland Jr. High, 8-9th grades;   Ramay  for Ramay Jr. High, 8-9th Grades;   Holt for Holt Middle School, 6-7th grades, and McNair  for McNair Middle School, 6-7th grade. These are listed under to book to indicate which school library they are in.  Any other name under the book would indicate  elementary schools.)



 35 Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library


Always running : La Vida Loca, gang days in L.A. objectional

by Luis J. Rodriguez




"shit.. What the fuck is going on.. we ransacked the stand. ..I thrust out the gun and yelled, Freeze, motherfucker! ..Fuck you!.. open the safe. ..Gunfire.. Get the fuck out of here!.. I aimed at him.. he fired again.. Fuck it --I ran"


"touch me there.. just like that..ummm. ..Sweat roamed down the sides of my face. windows steamed. ..R lay on the back seat.. blouse open and ample breasts wet with my saliva. Don't stop..ummmmm, don't stop. My tongue drew circles around her nipples... rubbed her cunt from the outside of her pants. Her hip.. pushing harder and harder into my hand. She groped for my zipper.. slid it down. Her fingers kneaded the top of my penis, hard and wet.. oh baby, lick me. back arched.. my head scraped the top of the car.. she held onto my penis with both hands while her lips smothered it and her tongue lightly flickered over the tip. ..pushing [her pants].. off.. saw the tuft of wild hair at her crotch, her legs spread.. inviting me to enter. ..pressed me down to her. the penis sank into the bristle of pubris, then slid into the oiled vagina, covering it in flesh and juice and the rhythm of the pelvis. [her] mouth sucked at my chest, my neck and shoulders as her fingernails scraped into my back. ..I moved and quivered inside her. Night after night I stayed over at ]her] place. ..made love in the car, beneath the staircase, or fondled in the driveway"



by Toni Morrison




"minus women, fucking cows, dreaming of rape... rubbing their thighs and waiting for the new girl... She waited a year... the.. men abused cows while they waited for her. She chose H. and for... first bedding.."


"Over whelmed as much by.. luck.. as by the certainty of giving her his sex... before him was.. new girl they dreamed of at night and fucked cows for at dawn... what leapt to eye were places to lied down, and all else - door knobs... was interference. It was over before they could get their clothes off. 1/2 dressed and short of breath, they lay side by side resentful of one another... were sorry and too shy to make talk. .. P. saw the float of her breasts and disliked it, the spread-away, flat roundness of them that he could definitely live without,.."


"A lowdown something that looked like a sweet young girl and fucking her..."



Bless me, Ultima

by  Rudolfo Anaya


Holt; Woodland; FHS


At school he pretends he is a priest taking confessions: "..Tell him only your worst one R. coaxed H. ......I made a whole in the wall... could see into the girls bathroom... could see everything.. her ass...hear the pee...You have sinned i said... There's more .. I saw a teacher..... it was biggggggggggg....... give him penance the girls are dirty H. they cried....... me next! .....B. shouted. I got a better sin than H. ....Bless me, father! .....he kept making sign of the cross over and over....... i saw a boy and girl fucking in the grass.....smiled proudly and looked around... Ah, I see them every night under the railroad bridge V. scoffed... naked! Jumping up and down. Give me penance (B. said) .. a rosary to the Virgin, I said .....Like H.? he shouted. .....but my sin was bigger .. he threw me down.... another rosary for daring to touch the priest...that made him happy and he settled down... F. next...they grabbed F. and made him kneel in front of me..... No! i protested....Confess him they chanted...what are your sins I asked? ... I don't have any F. said ..... Tell me one sin I pleaded ....Confess your sins or your go to hell R. cried out ..... It was God who has sinned against me (F. said)... They were gathering around me now, I could feel their presence and hot bitter breath. ...they wanted me to punish F. ...Make his penance hard....Make him kneel and we'll beat him ....Stone him! ...beat him! ..kill him!


Breaking Boxes

by  A.M. Jenkins 


Woodland; Ramay


C calls T a pervert because he is mad but knows he really doesn't think that. "I generally know the last names of people I sleep with [T says].. care about them first.. feelings for somebody before you drop your pants!.. refusing to take phone calls from a girl.. been screwing for months.. take some stranger's virginity like she's offered.. a Kleenex.. take sex about as seriously as blowing your nose.. Fuck you [C says]" C slams T into wall and pounds his fists on his chest. T says, "I'm so fucking sorry.. too fucking quiet in here.. [C goes out].. too bad you can't tell who hates gays, just by looking at them. ..that fuckwad [B].. sounds like he thinks T's been secretly lusting after him.. Why does this shit happen to me?"


C at school: "..hear your brother's a fag. Anger.. anger's this hot wave.. blast... their whole fucking crew.. bastards.. son of a bitch. is it true?.. Your brother likes boys?.. goddamn.. Does it run in the family?.. Fuck you.. You like boys, C?.. C likes girls [K says]. ..God, she's pretty.. I remember how soft. ..How would you know? sneers L.. I know.. M's party.. C and I went for a walk.. didn't just walk.. L's pissed.. K's.. got more balls than anybody.."


Chronicle of a death foretold

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez




"Who the fuck would ever think that the twins would kill anyone.."

- "Nobody fucks with me... Not even my father with his war veteran's balls"

- "..didn't cry out again... Just the opposite: it looked to me as if he was laughing. Then they both kept on knifing him against the door with alternate and easy stabs,... Shit, cousin.. you can't imagine how hard it is to kill a man!... P. gave him a horizontal slash on the stomach, and all his intestines exploded out... P. was about to do the same, but his wrist twisted in horror and he gave him a wild cut on the thigh. S. ... saw his own viscera in the sunlight, clean and blue, and he fell on his knees....... saw S.... face down in the dust, trying to rise up out of his own blood."


Deal With It! : a whole new approach to your body, brain, and life as a gurl

by  Esther Drill, Heather McDonald, Rebecca Odes.


Woodland; FHS


"Sexual preference is a continuum.. not.. question of being gay or straight.. continuum.. many people fall in between.. people move around on this continuum over time. Sexuality is constantly evolving-one of its many joys... Boys turn me on, but sometimes I dream about girls. ..I'm attracted to both.. Who knows?.. is fine and normal to be confused about your sexuality.. QUEER is *NOT* SOMETHING YOU CHOOSE TO BE. I was born it... Animal sexuality.. bonobos have sex often and in all different combinations: female-male, male-male, female-female. Female bonobos [apes] often mount each other.. rub their clitorises together.. [they] use sex as a way to resolve tension.. the 'make love, not war' primates"

- Section on "How do 2 girls have sex... one of the cool things about being with girls is that you know what it feels like when you touch them... oral sex, dental dams.. MICROWAVABLE plastic wrap.."

- "..your sexuality is your own work in progress,.."

".vibrator.. fingers in my vagina.. rub your clit with an ice cube.. feels great afterward.. put your hands or a blanket.. between your legs, squeeze.. rock.. apply pressure.. rub in a circle.. do it hard and fast. ..Many people get turned on by watching other people touch themselves. masturbating together is a fairly popular activity among couples who have sex on a regular basis.. Some people don't start masturbating until much later in life.. whatever feels good to you is the right thing to do."

"going down on him giving a blow job fellatio oral sex on a guy: Bringing a guy to climax using your mouth and tongue.. I try to look into my boyfriend's eyes when I'm sucking.. get him off faster.. lick and suck his balls.. If my mouth gets tired I use my hands to jerk him off.. until I can suck again.. make my mouth soft but tight.. Concentrate on the head.. Underneath the shaft is also a good place.. roll your tongue down the bottom of it. If it's.. big one.. don't try to get the whole thing in your mouth.. might.. gag.. have fun and just go with what seems right. ..literally sucked on his penis.. when you 'suck'.. kinda put him in your mouth.. bob your head up and down sliding your hand up and down his penis at the same time. ..think guys like it better if you swallow, but if it grosses you.. move your mouth away.. cover the head with your hand so he's not squirting all over the place. ..ain't so bad. ..Wouldn't put it on my cornflakes, but it doesn't taste too heinous!"

- "eating out cunnilingus going down.. like fingering a girl.. just using the tongue.. make a girl cum.. some guys just like eating girls.. he knows I like it a lot.." Discussion on how condoms, some flavored like touch o' mint, or dental dams are required to be totally safe. "69 is simultaneous oral sex.. Vaginal fluids are meant to be aphrodisiacs. That's why people get off on going down on girls: the smell, the taste,.."

"Anal sex: penetration of the anus by a penis or other stuff, such as fingers.. many people find.. this.. pleasurable.. should involve substantial lubrication

- Using objects: "Body massagers.. Dildos.. often.. resemble a penis. Vibrators.. designed for penetration, others for external use. Anything, as long as it's clean, unbreakable, and has no sharp edges, is a fair game as a sex toy"

- "role playing... Tying each other up (bondage).. Sadomasochism (S&M).. deliberately inflicts pain.. kind of power role-playing. These games can be fun to experiment with.. Multiple partners Three-way sex.. An orgy or group sex.."

- Lists web resources: All About Sex, The Go Ask Alice Web site, and the Sex, Etc. site

- Recommendation for the "first time": ..request he perform oral sex on you first. ..lubricates things up.. condoms.. lubricated kind."



Morgan Llywelyn




"he bound each wrist separately with a leather strip so tightly my fingers grew cold at once. Then he repeated the procedure with my ankles..... Sulis stepped out of the circle and took off her robe. Beneath it she was naked. The druids and the trees watched....... Sulis... arranged my body....began stroking me... She pulled up my tunic, working it off my body, and I squirmed to help her. When her hands reached my belly, my penis stirred and rose like a creature with a will of its own..........She separated my legs and knelt between them. Using her thumbs again, she caressed the insides of my thighs.... Her warm breath stirred the hair of my groin......The energy Menua had described pulsed through me, and Sulis sang, and touched me, until pleasure became excess became agony. I would die without release of the force building in me. I would burst like an overripe fruit ...the power, power, flowing through me now.....thundering with the rhythm of the chant and the gorgeously insistent hands on my body, the power gathering itself.... and exploding out of me in great aching spasms that arched my spine and made me cry out as Sulis gasped and the trees spun around us and the strength sped from me, the magic released like a spear to go singing invisibly through the air to our distant warriors....."

-         "Sex magic was wonderful. My first experience had left me avid for more, which only amused Menua."


"....Her soft, round little belly charmed me, and I pressed my lips against its warmth. She rose onto hands and knees to crawl the length of my body from head to foot, pausing along the way to touch, to caress, to look back mischievously over her shoulder and inquire, 'Do you like this? And this?' I grabbed her from behind and buried my face between her buttocks, savoring the juiciness of her. She laughed; I laughed. The two of us were a festival. The wildness returned, deeper and richer than before. the ultimate moment.....I whispered into Briga's hair as the cosmos crashed around us. .........When we lay quiet once more......I...reflected on the nature of the special climax that can occur with a special woman. The climax that takes place not in the loins, but in the head and the spirit. ............ We slept and woke....... At last I thought I had nothing left to give; then Briga took me into her mouth and caressed my thighs and belly until they grew heavy with the need to give again. She swallowed my seed in lavish gulps. 'Now your body will nourish mine and become part of me ,' she whispered, pleased with herself."



by Robert Cormier


Woodland; FHS


P now can make himself invisible, and observes a classmates dad paying another classmate to perform oral sex on her: "T, who giggled and pressed herself against boys.. tight sweaters.. displayed her budding breasts.. her small breasts. I drank in the sweetness of her body.. never could do this before.. could look at the movie.. or pictures in magazines but.. had to avert my eyes.. in real life.. staring deliciously.. could go anywhere.. watch them.. making love... take off their clothes as they went to bed.. [he observes the girl going into a store and the owner locking it]... [the owner] touched her cheek, then her breast. His daughter was in my class.. same age as T.. Now.. I saw Mr. D who collected at.. mass on Sunday mornings, pull T to him and run his hands over her breasts.. took out his wallet... extracted a bill.. It's yours, he said. After.. She giggled as he raised her up.. setting her on the desk facing him. She pulled back her skirt.. he raised her legs onto his shoulders and plunged his face between her legs. He moaned and his shoulders jerked violently as he burrowed between her thighs.. Her eyes were vacant.. Oh, T Mr. D moaned.. voice muffled as he gasped her name and reached around now to clutch her buttocks


Observes bully demanding money and then oral sex from a 9 year old: "Okay, kid. Down on your knees, No, the boy cried.. Down, [the bully] snapped. ..saw the boy dropping to his knees with [the bully] standing over him.. [his] hand moved to his belt buckle and then to the buttons of his fly.[P intervenes, invisibly, so the bully is unsuccessful with the oral sex]"


Fair Game

by Erika Tamar.




"Everyone knows.. girl was available to anybody.. been 'servicing' 1/2 the football team.. saw her doing CG.. she wanted it.. her own mother doesn't want to press charges.. What I really wanted to say is the girl's a slut and she's been giving out blow jobs,.."


"..laughing abut getting a bite of hot and dark spicy dark meat.. wanted to punch his face.. I'd hump the ears off some WASP bitch!"


C thinking back to 6th grade about when she had to perform oral sex on a man: "..said if I came in the back.. He sat down.. pulled me on his lap.. Sweet Girl.. held me.. sweaty.. he tickled me down there.. felt bad and scary and good.. took his thing out.. red and ugly.. said to kiss it.. Do what I tell you.. Make believe it's a lollipop. I kept my eyes closed.. he gave me 2.. doughnuts.. [my mom] called.. policeman came.. questions.. other men.. more questions.. mommy talked to me.. bad man.. my body was my own private property.."

You want to take C with you?.. You know you want to. ..think you're the only one she's sucked off?.. Who else?.. maybe we'll have a party.. want to party? OK C said.. say I want a get-laid party.. pawing her.. I want a get-laid party... Say I'm horny.. yelling out things for her to say.. crudest words.. she parroted everything giggling.. I stared at her bouncing boobs.. 10 of us.. D's house.. C, stark naked, was in the middle.. when we first got [there] C dancing in front of us... strip.. take it off!.. can swear on a stack of Bibles that she took off every stitch by herself.. underpants.. natural blond.. never saw anybody that light.. riveted.. Her patch was silky, no kinks. ..Who goes first?.. [J leaves because he] didn't need this Screw-a-retard Brotherhood."


Fallen Angels

by  Walter Dean Myers


Woodland:Ramay; FHS


"..dumb fucker.. Simple-ass.. I know [a prayer].. Flying into combat, 'bout to have a fit, Lord, if you listenin', please get me out of this shit!"

- "..shithead!.. fucking hero.."

- "..I'll be 20.. and I'm still a virgin.. noble flicks about interracial love, and they kill you off at the end so they can show it in Georgia. Shit."

- "What the fuck's a cootie?.. like calling me a nigger... Two-Timing Slut..."

- "..just shot the shit out of [our guys]"

- " this shit over.. get your ass in gear.. fucking kid!.. fucking kid!.. fucking soldier, but you're a fucking kid.. hell with L. ..Who the hell.. little fuckers.. joined the friggin' army.. so he would stop thinking I was a faggot.. fucking trained for.. fucking trained for.."

- "kept shooting at the bodies even though they were already dead.. What the fuck happened?.. What we hadn't done to the village [the chopper] did. It leveled the huts.. mostly women and old men, running for their lives. Few of them made it more than a few feet as the chopper guns swept everything.."

- "..fucking each other up.. same shit.. Tortured? They tie them to trees and pull their guts out.. just leave them there.. found them.. still alive and begging for somebody to kill them."


Fools Crow

by  James Welch.



"After awhile I took my hand from the girl's mouth but she lay there with her eyes closed. I felt under the robe and she was naked and her skin was hot. I felt her breasts and belly and they were hot and damp.... she was naked and sweating. .... I found her there between the legs and entered her - not without some difficulty , for she was on the verge of becoming a woman. When I had my pleasure, I rolled away, and that's when it hit me...... I pulled back the robe and looked at her. There on her face and chest were the dreaded signs. I had copulated with one who was dying of white-scabs disease."

- "He must have learned it from that fat white woman.....Ah, she was good... She taught me many things.....Perhaps you should go to the white man's school. They teach you to sit off the ground. That way you know where your ass is....This one wants another white woman... He says they are better than his hand, even better than his dog! ... And when you kill this Napikan you will feel better? I have thought how I will kill him, little by little. I will cut of little pieces...."

"she stood just inside the entrance, her legs trembling......R.F. held the robe back. He was naked from the waist down.....she slipped beneath the robe. He sat up and pushed her dress around her waist. He undid her leggings and pulled her moccasins off. ...she pulled him down and felt his warmth growing against her thigh. His fingers stroked her.... and she gave herself to him."

- "...she recalled the sounds of their lovemaking. She had stood outside the tipi...3 paces from where they carried on. She had felt her own legs grow weak, as though each moan and cry were her own. She had closed her eyes and imagined that she could see them, could smell the juices of their coupling."

- "He had found.... some pictures. I'll give you this and you give me that finger ring. There is a white woman here that will make you squirt."


Girl Goddess #9 : nine stories

by Francesca Lia Block


Woodland; FHS


-"He said I had 2 moms and no dad.... I knew I had a dad.. wasn't proud of [my mom's] anymore... No other kid at my school lived with 2 women who slept in the same bed and kissed on the lips all the time. No one else got picked up from school by a 6-foot tall woman in a beaded mini-dress holding hands with a short haired woman with a pierced nose and leather pants."

-"..she asked me to rub some lotion on her.. Much softer [skin] than anything. it was hard to imagine that many men touching it.. I said, You're so soft, and she said I have a special beauty secret. Rock star body fluids."

-"the window opened. Dobey slid into the room. You scared the fuck out of me, she said."

-"D swallowed mouthfuls of beer.... beer bottle crashed and shattered... Bull yelled, Fuck!... She took [Dobey's] hands and pulled him to her, wrapping her legs around his torso."

from Orpheus:"J died last winter... tonite , I'm at the club where J and I used to hang... looking at the man sitting across from me... he held me all nite in bed.. I left before the sun came up.... got kinda sick... I've never wanted anyone that much... He's as fucked up as I am. Can you imagine the 2 of us together? Fucking each other up... psychic i went to said 'soul mates'. J once said 'sex', and then, when it didn't stop -- 'voodoo.'"


How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

 by Julia Alvarez.


McNair: FHS

"...since she couldn't spend an overnight with him in New York, she had to travel thousands of miles to sleep with him. .... On the way home, she tossed her diaphragm in the first bin at (the airport)."

- "...father regained his ..fury....Has he deflowered you? .......Are you a whore? ... It's none of your fucking business!"

"..cuddling and kissing, R's hand exploring down my blouse. But if he wandered any lower I'd pull away.... I was afraid I'd get many references I didn't know.. didn't want to just be in the sack, screwed, balled, laid and fucked my first time with a man. ..worth a shit........are you frigid or something? ....Jesus, we've been going out a month.... When's it going to be all right?"

- "He was nude... He was wore down with frustration, he said. I was cruel. ... didn't understand that unlike a girl it was physically painful for guys not to have sex .... I thought you'd be hot-blooded being Spanish ... under all that Catholic bullshit, you'd be really free.... But Jesus, you're worse than a fucking Puritan."

- "..I was frightened of having sex with a man who called it getting laid. .....I played it out in my head. .....We would make love .... we would screw and fuck and ball and get laid..."


I Was a Teenage Fairy

by  Francesca Lia Block


McNair: Woodland


"When the man stopped, she hesitated. Usually she tried to hitch only with women. soon as she got in, he was taking bites out of her with his eyes. ...staring at her chest as if her breasts were exposed... be disappointed if he saw how small they are... something nauseating about the man's tone. Like he would get off later on some vision of her and Boyfriend having sex."

- "You might have been cuter when we were little, but your tits never lived up to your namesake. Fuck off, bitch."

- "...could have thought he had to give it to her to get her to sleep with him..... probably figured he could just smile the right way and offer her another glass of wine... mother kept her so sheltered. But she knew boys had her picture up over their beds to look at when they jerked off."

"It wasn't that G. wasn't in love with T. ... But G. hadn't gotten beyond the dark feelings he had for T. Not love feelings he told himself again. He just had a crush like everyone else did, even ...straight guys... He reached under the covers and touched his groin. Maybe if he came he wouldn't need to cry. But sex, especially sex like this alone and hot more from shame than desire [would only] make his sheets wet and his wrists ache.... G. gave up... Fucking mosquitoes!.. heard the strangest thing... What the fuck? ..hadn't thought he was that high. Shit, T., what did you put in that pot... [it was M. the nympho fairy] ...if your real.. prove it...[go fly with me] .. what the fuck, he said....


Less Than Zero

by  Ellis




According to back cover book is about spoiled children of LA with "sex and drugs... world devoid of feeling and hope.. parties, seedy rock clubs.. seamy underworld of drug dealing and prostitution." The book is filled with controversial material. Profanity [approx 55 uses of fuck, approx 26 uses of shit, etc.]; nearly every other page involves drug use, drinking, drunk/high driving, binge drinking.... Coke/Lines/Blow [over 30 times], Marijuana/Joints [18 times]. Other drugs/drug terms in book include needles/syringes/shooting up, heroin, brown powder, smack, O.D., thorazine, tranks, librium, meth, Desoxyn, preludin, trackmarks, mainline, acid, freebase, nembutal, quaalude, pills, lude, stoned, gram, dealer. Explicit sexual material including homosexual/bi-sexual, snuff/sex torture film, child sex slave being kept high on drugs, and homosexual prostitution. Most drug use in book is not excerpted below since so extensive. The book all takes place in 18-year old C's break between college semesters, at home in LA. Starts with "girlfriend" picking up C at airport. C has told his girlfriend he is not interested in her any longer and it is unclear if she knows he is bisexual.

"He said, have a Happy New Year, cunt,.."

- Friend [J] asks him to borrow money so his girlfriend can get abortion. C agrees to loan it but suspects the money is really for something else

- "..T, suck my dick, R yells. Take it out, T calls.. Some guy propositioned me today, R [a guy] is saying... offered me $600.. to go.. with him for the weekend."

Graffiti in bathroom: "How do you get a nun pregnant? Fuck her. What's the difference between a J.A.P and a bowl of spaghetti? Spaghetti moves when you eat it... J gives great head. And is dead."


Like water for chocolate : a novel in monthly installments with recipes, romances and home remedies by Esquivel, Laura




- "..hand first slid down her neck to her breasts and then explored her entire body. ...P. took her hand in his and invited her to explore his body... touched the hard muscles on P.'s arms and chest; lower down, she felt a red-hot coal that throbbed through his clothes."

- "..stripped of her clothed, got into the shower.. felt her nipples grow hard as stone... water ran down her back and curved like a waterfall over the round thrust of her buttocks.... ... what did she see on the other side of the planks but [him] watching her intently."

- "...went to her, [put out] lamp, pulled her to a.. bed.. throwing himself upon her, caused her to lose her virginity and learn of true love."

- "Everyone else.. was making mad passionate love, wherever they had happened to end up. Some under the bridge.. more conservative, in their cars, hastily pulled over to the side of the road... rest wherever they could. Any spot would do: in the river, on the stairs, under the washtub, in the fireplace... under the counter.... Necessity is the mother of invention, and of every position. That day it led to some of the greatest creativity in the history of the human race."

- ".. T. & P. were making.. effort to keep their sexual impulses under control... so strong that they went right through their skin and came out in the form of heat and a distinctive smell... [J. left, C. left] T. and P. could make love freely. For years they had to take all sorts of precautions so... no one would see would not become pregnant, so... wouldn't cry out with pleasure when inside each other. ..P. placed T. on the bed and slowly emoved her clothing, piece by piece... The striking of the.. headboard against the wall and the guttural sounds that escaped from both of them... She was experiencing a climax so intense..."


Love in the Time of Cholera

by  Gabriel Garcia Marquez



-"..he tried to teach her the tricks he had seen others perform through the peepholes in the transient hotel... to let themselves be observed while they made love, to replace the missionary position with the bicycle on the sea.. chicken on the grill... the drawn and quartered angel.. almost broke their necks.. trying to devise something new in a hammock.. she was a fearless apprentice but lacked.. talent for guided fornication.. never had a moment of inspiration.. her orgasms were inopportune.. an uninspired lay.. She often said to him: I adore you because you made me a whore.. he had taught her that nothing one does in bed is immoral... convinced her that one comes into the world with a.. allotment of lays, and whoever does not use them.. loses them.."

giving him time to greet her.. first the buttons of his fly, one by one after each kiss.. until he was like a live fish that had been split open from head to tail [more description of undressing].. she attacked him.. there on the same sofa where she had just undressed him, and only on rare occasions in the bed. She mounted him.. absorbed in herself, her eyes closed.. {blah, blah] until she succumbed.. with a jubilant explosion of total victory.. he would say: you treat me as if I were just anybody.. she would say: Not at all; as if you were nobody.. [one ] Sunday.. they spent the afternoon naked in the captains enormous bed... she.. step[ped] out of the bedroom.. screamed with horror.. the only objects left in the house were the lamps attached to the walls.. everything had vanished.. message painted on the rear wall: This is what you get for fucking around."

-"If they don't have more children it's because they don't fuck"



by  Alice Sebold


"..pulled my underpants off me .. he unzipped his pants and let them fall around his ankles. ..lay down on top of me and started humping. I was familiar with this. This was what S, a boy I liked in high school, had done against my leg, because I would not let him do what he wanted most, which was to make love to me. With S. I was fully dressed and so was he. He went home frustrated and I felt safe. My parents were upstairs the whole time. I told myself S. loved me."

- "He worked away on me, reaching down to work with his penis. ..called me bitch. ...told me I was dry. I'm sorry, I said.. I'm a virgin.. Stop looking at me he said. Shut your eyes. ..Stop it or you'll be sorry. ..knead his fist against the opening of my vagina. Inserted his fingers into it, three or four at a time. Something tore. I began to bleed there. I was wet now. ..made him excited. ..intrigued. ..worked his whole fist up into my vagina and pumped it ..prickly numbness took over my lower half.. Stop staring at me he said. I'm sorry I said. You're strong, I tried. He liked this. He started humping me again, wildly. ...base of my spine was crushed into the ground. Glass cut me on my back and behind. ...still wasn't working for him."

Give me a blow job he said. ..was standing now. I was on the ground,[ing] among the filth for my clothes. He kicked me and I curled into a ball. I want a blow job. He held his dick in his hand. I don't know how... I've never done it before... I'm a virgin. Put it in your mouth. ..kneeled before him. Can I put my bra back on? I wanted my clothes. I saw his thighs before me, the way they belled out from the knee, the thick muscles and small black hairs, and his flaccid dick. He grabbed my head. Put it in your mouth and suck ...Like a straw? I said. Yeah, like a straw. I took it in my hand. It was small. Hot, clammy. It throbbed involuntarily at my touch. He shoved my head forward and I put it in. It touched my tongue. ..taste like dirty rubber or burnt hair. I sucked in hard. Not like that he said and brought my head away. Don't you know how to suck dick?"

- "Bitch... His penis still limp, he held it with two fingers and peed on me. Acrid, wet, on my nose and lips. The smell of him - the fruity, heady, nauseating smell - clung to my skin. Get back on the ground.. do what I say. ...he told me to close my eyes ..Talk to me he said. I believe you, you're a virgin. I'm your first. ...he worked against me, trying for more and more friction, I told him he was strong, ..he was powerful, ...he was a good man. He got hard enough and plunged himself inside me. ..ordered me to and I wrapped my legs around his back and he drove me into the ground. I was locked on. All that remained unpossessed was my brain. ...He made noises and rammed it in. Rammed it and rammed it... Nail her, all right! someone yelled toward the tunnel. ...kind of fraternity reveler's voice... They passed. ...You're so strong, you're such a man, thank you, thank you, I wanted this. ....then it was over. He came and slumped into me. I lay under him. ...heard his breathing. Light and regular. He was snoring. I thought: Escape. I shifted under him and he woke."


My Father's Scar

by Michael Cart




-"Shit, I [told E].. I wish he were dead... My fucking father. ..Did you know that my father killed himself? [E asked me].. for a long time I guess I thought it was my fault.. I've never told anybody this.. here's the thing; My dad used to, well.. play with me.. Sexually... [A] says my old man hits me.. E.. looked at me... Did you want him to?... to slap you? Of course not, I said... [E said] Well, I did. want my dad to. To.. play with me.. all I could think of was my old man doing something like that to me, and I felt like I was going to throw up. [E says] I know you think that's sick.. But I couldn't help it. I don't know why I wanted him to. ..maybe it was the only way I could be sure he loved me. Or needed me."


- A's college professor invites him to Thanksgiving dinner but the professor's assistant pleads with him: "Don't go to his place... Come home with me instead... what does that make me, a piece of shit?" A is very nervous about the dinner with the professor but buys flowers and goes. "Shit!" A doesn't eat much and professor asks him what he is hungry for. "It's love I'm hungry for - starving for - and I think.. [the professor] is, too. ..he comes around the table.. stands close to me, I get up and gladly melt into his arms and turn my face to be kissed... [professor's] reaction when I put my arms around him was not exactly what I expected. WHAT THE HELL!... what the hell do you think you're doing?.. I thought you were going to kiss me. I was just going to pour you some more wine, you idiot. Christ! He sounded disgusted and pulled away from me.. This is how you repay my hospitality? he hissed, making some cheap faggoty pass at me? What in hell could you have been thinking of? How could I ever tell him that I had been thinking that perhaps he might love me?... want you to leave.. Brazen little bastard.... I am NOT a homosexual.. And for Christ's sake.. if the police should stop you on the way home, don't tell them where you've been. drunken slut... my heart keeps blubbering; no one will love me now.. Fuck love! my mind snarls."

-"Oh, shit... before I opened my eyes I knew what happened.. Oh, shit.. It's morning. we've been here [in the house] all night... I gotta go... [mom and dad] were in the kitchen.. So, the old man said, did she give you your graduation present?.. look.. of complicity.. was it that girl? my mother asked.. was it that girl.. So there it was: my out. My easy out. Just a little betrayal of BC. And myself. And what we were together. Yeah, sure, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, she gave me my present all right - all night long. The gift that keeps on giving. Haha... I could be a hero to [my old man]. My son is normal. He spent the night with a girl... It wasn't a girl, I said.. it was a boy. I spent the night with a boy. I'm gay... just spoken the truth.... simple words of one syllable.. the truth shall make me free... His features contorted.. thought he might explode... Jesus Christ, a faggot, my son's a fuckin' faggot, oh, Jesus, get out, get out of my house an' never come back, never... could see [my mom's] lips move.. he doesn't know, he doesn't understand, it looked like she was praying... he was sputtering now.. Jesus, faggot, out.. I smiled a little smile because it sounded like he was performing an exorcism.. I didn't look back. Not once.."


My Heartbeat

by  Garret Freymann-Weyr.




Book is about a E, a 14-year old girl who "loves" the high school senior boy who is her brother's (also a high school senior) best friend. She (and everyone else) thinks both the boys are homosexual and in love with one another. Her brother verbally denies this but E (and everyone else) doesn't believe him. E eventually has sex with her brother's friend, who has slept with other men but also likes girls. The cover has two large figures (her older brother and friend) clasping arms, with a heart between them, towering over a smaller figure who, with head bowed, is punching both of them.

]... the men he has been with.. make J reluctant. he slept with.. to annoy [my brother]. I read in one of my books on gay identity.. when you have sex with someone, you have sex with all the people that person has slept with. ..J.. creeped out by the idea of those men coming into contact with me when they were meant to help him reach my brother. ..I ask J if he thinks I would prefer him sleeping with another girl.. before he sleeps with me. I would.. he says. ..funny. The picture of us I will draw later. of me and J in bed with the 3 men he has slept with." They talk about a man who works for J's dad that he slept with and how he cried when he found out J wasn't as old as he thought he was and how J's shrink thinks it had nothing to do with her brother but was about J's dad. They talk about him talking to her brother about his sex with this man. "If I had been older I wouldn't have slept with him J says. By now, I have other ways to deal with my father. I.. try to think if Dad has any friends [my brother] or I would sleep with."


One Hot Second : Stories about Desire

edited by Cathy Young.




11 short stories about teenagers and sex - 8 heterosexual and 3 homosexual.

"..tales of weekend lust in B's family room while B's family was somewhere else. ..We did it. last night! ..Do it; don't do it; do it. ..guess she'd made up her mind. ..had this vision of the 2 of them lying.. naked on some.. old couch with squeaky springs. ..You did use something.. B had condoms. Condoms. Plural. ..remembered.. found some in.. older brothers room and filled them up like water balloons. ..were only.. 10 at the time. ..looked so funny.. called them our hot-dog toys and laughed.. It was wonderful.. He kept asking me if it felt good. ..Did he get on top.. She nodded. ..didn't hurt or anything? When he.. put it in? ..don't think about.. that.. you want to hold on to him and keep him warm inside you forever!"

"they didn't waste time talking about it ..was like soccer - the sweaty tussle of it, the heart pounding thrill.. [one night] they took the risk and did it in J's room. The door had no lock. ..kept the stereo turned up very loud.. was the best time yet. Afterward.. slumped in opposite corners.. D said.. I was thinking of telling the folks.. I am, you know.. had my suspicions for years.. thought I'd give it a try with your sister, but nada.. You're freaking out at the thought of anyone calling you a faggot... we're not.. so what are we..? We're mates.. mates who mess around a bit. Fag-got! Fag-got!"

"N asks me when me and T are finally going to do it. ..Sex. Make love. Screw. Do it! ..[friends in] my face about being a virgin. they say virgin like I'm drowning puppies.. say it like it's spit on all of them."


One Hundred Years of Solitude

by  Gabriel García Márquez




- "..[he] spotted.. a very young gypsy girl, almost a child.. made his way through the crowd.. stopped behind her... pressed against her back.. girl tried to separate.. [he] pressed more strongly.. she felt him.. remained motionless against him, trembling with surprise and fear, unable to believe the evidence.. turned.. looked at him with a smile.. They did not witness the decapitation. They went to her tent.. kissed.. with a desperate anxiety while they toke off their cloths.. incipient breasts and legs so thin.. [he] could not respond to her because they were in kind of a public tent.. During a pause in the caresses [he] stretched out naked on the bed.. while the girl tried to inspire him... [another couple came in] and they both began to undress in front of the bed.. [his] companion asked the [the new couple] to leave them alone, and the couple lay down on the ground, close to the bed. [Their] passion woke up [his] fervor. On the first contact the bones of the girl seemed to become disjointed with a disorderly crunch.. her skin broke out into a.. sweat and her eyes filled with tears... But she bore the impact with a firmness of character and a bravery.. his heart burst forth with an outpouring of tender obscenities that entered the girl through her ears..."

"A person fucks up so much.."

"..her breasts succumbed to the tedium of endless caressing.. in [her] house.. the girls from the neighborhood would receive their casual lovers... I'm happy knowing that people are happy in bed.. never charged for the service... just a s she never refused the countless men who sought her out... without giving her money or love and only occasionally pleasure."

"..she did not shit shit but shat sweet basil.."

- "..child accidentally bumped into a [policeman] and spilled the drink on his uniform, the barbarian cut him to pieces with his machete, and with one stroke he cut off the head of the grandfather s he tried to stop him... town saw the decapitated man pass by as group of men carried him to his house, with woman dragging the head along by its hair, and the bloody sack with the pieces of the child... A.C. was found.. with an icepick between his eyebrows driven up to the handle.. woman who was with him said later that A.A. jumped out of bed and opened the door and was greeted with the discharge of a Mauser that split his head open."



by Isabel Allende




"I was 8 years old. came out of the sea.. wearing goggles... [he says] don't believe your dolly can pee-pee... show me the little hole.... does it have a pecker or not?... took my hand and placed it on his sex... felt.. something that moved.. like a .. garden hose.. tried to pull my hand away but he held it there firmly.. pointed to his groin.. want to see what I have here?... how your Mama and Papa do it? dogs but, oh, much nicer.. we'll go to the woods where no one can see us."

- "He took my hand and led me ..into.. woods. ...Don't let anyone touch you, if someone touches you between your legs it's not just a mortal sin, you'll be pregnant... belly will swell up.. bigger and bigger until it explodes and you die... Lie down.. we're going to play Mama and Papa... stroked my face.. feeling for my childish nipples, which contracted when he touched them... panic swept over me and I began to cry.. hand.. to my legs.. feeling between them.. pushing them apart...moving up, up to my very center... just going to touch you softly with my finger, there's nothing bad about that, open your legs.. I'm not going to put it in... not going to fuck you.. [took off] my dress... left on my panties.. voice hoarse.. mumbling obscenities and endearments and kissing my face...shirt was wet.. gulping fo breath, pressing hard against me. I thought I might die... crushed by the weight of his body.. fingers crawled like lobsters between my legs, pressing rubbing,.. rubbed against me, faster and faster,.. moans and rasping breath...then slumped beside me with a choked cry.."

"...she enrolled in a seminar on sexuality and then - hugging case filled with eye opening accoutrements - she went around measuring penises and orgasms. ...if she acquired a reputation as a sexologist no one would.. take her out - men fear comparisons.... P. asked me to bring back certain.. material [from Holland]... poking through X-rated shops for.. telescoping rubber cocks, dolls with authentic orifices, and videos featuring imaginative combinations of women and spirited paraplegics or libidinous dogs... in.. airport when the customs official.. fingered those.. objects before... other passengers, especially when I explained they were not for my own personal use but my daughter's"



by Kate Walker




There's only one thing that scares poofters more than big dicks.."

"[your mom] Bit butch, is she?.. She into whips, P? ..bondage!.. big butch mummy!"

Their housekeeper sees his brothers gay friend holding him, stroking his hair after the fight: "Oh, my God!.. what's he done to you?.. I warned your mother about him.. You fuckin' old bitch! you fuckin' old bitch!"

- "A girl had kissed me and I'd pushed her away.. bloke had stroked my hair, and I'd melted.. The boys had seen it. [my brother] had seen it. I was.. dumb.. taken 15 years to notice... what did I do now?.. bastards!"

He buys a "gay men's magazine... ducked into another public toilet.. smell of urine.. perving on pictures of naked men. Or 2 men together... good looking blokes with terrific bodies. Mostly they were naked, or they wore scraps of leather.. got the lot, full on, balls and all.. got the stirrings, perving on naked men.. One of [them] reminded me of D.. smiling in a 'come on' sort of way. I touched his face and let my fingers creep down the page, seeing how far I could go. Seeing what it did for me... So now I knew.. didn't want it for me.. poofter joke.. candidate for AIDS.. flush the magazine [clogs].. no way I was going to.. pull it out.. soaked in everyone else's shit-water.. pain.. Living hurt.."

- He thinks about D: "..I liked his hand stroking my hair. I touched my own neck, trying to bring back the feelings of his fingers there.. touched his face in the photograph.. could imagine being kissed by him.. made my pulse rate pick up.. What would it be like with a bloke?.. least with a bloke you'd know what to do, having practiced on yourself.. if I could hug a man, and imagine being kissed by him, why not the rest?.. Sex is part of living.. Why should I miss out?.. AIDS thing worried me.. thanks to Mum, we had a houseful of condoms and pamphlets on the subject [goes to D's house].. had condoms in my pocket.. I'd expected he'd know why I'd come.. figured he'd get the message... watched my hand shoot out and grab his.. No, he said.. I wanted to die [starts to cry and D comforts him].. stroked my hair.. letting his fingers rest along the back of my neck.. Do you think you might be gay [he asked].. dunno.. You're a pretty gorgeous kid. Not too many guys'll knock you back.. could get screwed and still not know. Is that what you want, just to get screwed?.. why not wait.. Think I've always known. From when I was 12, anyway.. crush on my swimming coach. Then it was a teacher. Then.. one of the senior boys at school.. met my first lover when I was 18.. went crazy over him.. special.. How did you know?, I asked... kept falling in love with men [he said]"


Push : a novel

by Sapphire.




"..knowing a man can put his dick in you , gush white stuff in your booty you could get pregnant. I'm 12 now, I been knowing about that since I was 5 or 6.. always known about pussy and dick."

"..fucking my husband you nasty little slut.. Fat cunt bucket slut! Nigger pig bitch!.. mother fuckers... should KILL you!.. Miss Hot-to-Trot.."

- "..looked over at her mother, her greasy lips, her brown face swollen like some grotesque pumpkin, her torn.. house dress, her dark brown thighs spreading out.. took up half the couch.. arms seemed like huge animals.. watching the grease run down her.. chin.. slick fat meat explode its salty lusty taste in her mouth.."

- "..felt her mother's hand between her thighs.. felt her mother's.. fingers.. knew by the smell in the room her mother's hand was between her own legs.. hand inched up P's thighs into the wet opening of her vagina."

"..feel the hot sauce hot cha cha feeling when he be fucking me.. get.. confuse. I HATE him. But my pussy be popping. He say.. Big Mama your pussy is popping! I HATE myself when I feel good. ...Farrakhan, a real man, who don't fuck his daughter, fuck children."

- " choking between [mom's] legs A HUH HUH. She is smelling big woman smell. She say suck it, lick me.. her hand like a mountain pushing my head down."

"My clit swell up I think daddy. [he] sick me, disgust me, but still he sex me up ..nawshus.. stomach but hot tight in my twat.. want it back, the smell of the bedroom, the hurt.. pump my pussy in out in out in out awww I come. he bite me hard.. slam his hips into me HARD. I scream in pain he come.. slap my thighs.. Orgasm in me, his body shaking.. call me Fat Mama, Big Hole! You LOVE it! say you love it!.. wanna say I DON'T.. I'm a chile. But my pussy popping like grease in a frying pan. he slam in me again. His dick soft. he start sucking my tittie... wait for him to get off me.. stare at wall.. then my body take me over again, like shocks after earthquake, shiver me, I come again. My body not mine. I hate it coming.. go bafroom.. smear shit on my face. Feel good. Don't know why but it do.

- "..girl have her father's dick in her mouth know things the other girls don't know.."

- "Smell mama. [Dad], the way his knees on either side of my neck."



by  E. L. Doctorow.



"Are you wearing a corset [she].. asked. E. nodded... G... unbuttoned [E.'s] shirtwaist and removed it.. unclasped E.'s skirt and had her step out of it.. removed [her petticoat]... loosen[ed] [the corset].. step out, she said... slid E.'s lace-trimmed underdrawers to her feet. Step out she commanded. E. did so... stood nude.. except for her.. stockings... G. rolled the stockings down and E. stepped out... Lie down.. on your stomach.. G. rubbed E.'s back and buttocks and thighs. E. was squirming and her flesh cringing with each application [of the astringent]... shivering now and her buttocks were clenched together.. G. now took from her bag a bottle of massage oil and began to knead... Turn over G. commanded... G. massaged her breasts, her stomach, her legs. Yes, even this, .. briskly passing her hand over her mons... E. put her own hands on her breasts and her palms rotated the nipples.. she rubbed her hips. Her feet pointed like a dancer's and her toes curled. Her pelvis rose from the bed.. began to ripple on the bed like a wave on the sea.. hoarse unearthly cry.. closet door flew open and Mother's Younger Brother fell into the room, his face twisted in.. saintly mortification.. clutching in his hands, as if trying to choke it, a rampant penis which... whipped him about the floor, launching to his cries of ecstasy or despair, great filamented spurts of jism that traced the air like bullets and then settled slowly over E. in her bed like falling ticker tape."

"He was a lusty old fuck.."

- "..clasped with loe and gratitude the foul body, like a stinking fish, of an Eskimo woman. he had put his body into the stinking fish."

"..fuck you.."


Rats saw God

by  Rob Thomas



"I suppose if I had given you shit about your never having done heroin, you'd be playing bass for Alice in Chains by now?"

Long descriptions of him buying condoms and having first sex: "D. was a medical expert.. had to change my flights.. because I would have arrived at her most fertile time... discussed the pill.. mood swings.. nauseous.. gain weight.. make my boobs bigger. I say go for it. But she hadn't. She offered to purchase the condoms.. [but] was a man's job.. made me promise not to buy them from a gas station bathroom vending machine. No fancy colors, no feathers, no glow-in -the-dark.. nothing.. 'for her pleasure'.. [sister] says lubricated kind.. You asked your sister what kind of rubber..? ..planned on swaggering up.. daring checker to notice my crotch.. thrown off by the selection offered by the contraceptive industry... gazing at the condom rack.. wondered if I would eventually develop.. brand loyalty. ..selected a box of 12.. less would seem superficial and cheap.. more.. narcissistic.. [she] unbuttoned her shirt.. We undressed each other.. standing naked from ankles up, hopping on one foot, then the other.. resisted the urge to cover my titanium love barometer between my legs. Was it the right size?.. shape?.. color?.. Would [she] know whether it was? ..was the first time she had seen it.. had rubbed it through my blue jeans.. groomed up my shorts dry humping until I thought I would die.. first time Junior had the pleasure of meeting a woman in the flesh. [She] gripped the shaft and gave it a couple.. tugs. How does that feel she asked?.. every sensual pleasure in my lifetime would be compared to this. ..nothing so far.. approached this sensation. As a.. middle-ager I might describe landing a marlin as feeling like great sex but right now I couldn't tell [her that]. Nice, I answered. ..In final scene [in movie Shampoo].. Beatty putting it to Julie Christie on a.. floor, his naked butt ramming away pistonlike... Unless you count 'oh yes' no tender words were spoken.. I had a flash.. sex isn't indulging in each heartfelt caress.. is friction, pure and simple. ...loomed in push-up position over [her] naked body.. could have used Junior to cut glass. I began doubting she had an orifice down there.. I tried again. Brick wall.. Let's roll over she said.. trading positions, [she] began grinding into me... meeting point turned into.. tropical rain forest.. don't think I would have lasted.. had I not been sheathed in latex. [She] raised her haunches and reached back between my legs.. positioned Junior.. lowered herself down on me.. was inside her.. no longer a virgin.. allowed to hunt buffalo with the village elders. I could almost feel my complexion clearing up.. [She] started rocking back and forth. I attempted to thrust in a matching rhythm.. twice I fell out and had to be reinserted.. became easier to accomplish.. convinced her we should try this the old fashioned way. Back on top.. increased.. hip speed... condom.. was numbing most sensation.. sweaty bodies sliding.. her.. panting.. After years of self-service.. recognized.. impending orgasm.. my testicles desire to join my lungs.. reached point of no return. [her] eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip. And then it was over... Did you? she asked. ..2 minutes of snuggling, but in back of mind I was reviewing instructions.. [on] box of condoms... grip sides of condom when I pulled out.. tip contained only a moderate amount of fluid.. should be a billiard-sized globe at the end.. walked naked and embarrassed to the bathroom.. tied off end.. flushing it down commode.. didn't want some renegade sperm scaling porcelain.. slithering into bed with [her]... Do you know why the French call these chairs boudoir chairs?.. Louis.. liked boffing sitting down.. Do you feel any different? No. What about you?.. sad [she] said.. closes a door behind me.. like my dad doesn't have to love me anymore. ..wasn't a big deal as I thought it would be.. I was gone before her parents came home. She didn't try to make me stay."


Snow falling on cedars

by  David Guterson.




"Fuck you anyhow...."

- ".. noted the girth and heft of (CH's) sexual organs.....his testicles were taut and hairless.... And his penis, at least as twice as large as (his) own, even frozen..."

"...kiss and touch...pressed against him...moved his hands...slowly up her thighs and over her underpants..and pulled her hand against him...felt how hard he was and pressed back into his hardness...could feel the hard length of him..arched her breasts...moved his tongue against her nipples...both hands felt his hardness...hand inside her panties...peeling them down...pulling his pants to his knees...he pushed..inside of her, all the way in, his hardness filling her....."


- "that fucking goddamn Jap bitch"

- "Jesus fucking Christ" (numerous)

"behind her he massaged.... Her buttocks...he lifted her skirt and slid her underpants out of the way...she shut her eyes and rocked."

- "Their marriage had largely been about sex......She washed his large penis and felt it harden in her fingers....his face against her breasts...licking them."

- " ...he could no longer achieve an would wither in his hand before he had a chance to take pleasure from it."

- "Occasionally he attempted unsuccessfully to masturbate..."

- " the invasion of his penis had brought a truth with it she would discover in no other way......He had not come..."

- "Once every two weeks or so he masturbated into the folds of his handkerchief, .."


Song of Solomon

by Toni Morrison




"..before her husband.. came home.. she called her son to her... unbuttoned her blouse and smiled.. too young to be dazzled by her nipples.. old enough to be bored by the flat taste of mother's milk.. came reluctantly as to a chore.. tried to pull the milk from her chest.. without hurting her with his teeth... pleasure she hated to give up.." She is observed in this. "..terror.. sprang.. to [her] eyes... realization she was about to lose.. half of what made her.. life bearable... jumped up as quickly as she could and covered her breast.. confirming for him that these afternoons were strange and wrong.." Janitor says:" knew a family-the mother wasn't to quick.. nursed.. till the boy.. was 13.. bit much, ain't it?.. gave a long low chuckle.. A milkman.. A natural milkman.. Look out womens. Here he come."


"..was 22 then.. been fucking for 6 years, some of the time with the same woman, he'd begun to see his mother in a new light."

- "..keep you from fucking it up.... What goddam children?"

"What the fuck.. kid is stomped.. some cracker put it in the paper.. stomped.. Cause he whistled at some Scarlett O'Hara cunt. ..Tell that nigger something.. ought to be enough colored blood on the streets. ..Spill the crackers blood that bashed his face in.... out of your fuckin mind? They'll catch' em.. give 'em" a big party and a medal."

- "..daddy got his balls busted off... Shit... Whores worked the bar.. cruisers found chickens or hawks... How the fuck.. Cut the shit... fuckin radiator... shit... talking shit.. who cares if he fucks a white girl?.. fuck.. Niggers... No shit? No shit.... Like a fuckin sheep."


- "..watching their women and rubbing his fly.. pussy different up North?.. Pussy the same everywhere. Smell like the ocean; taste like the sea... Maybe the pricks is different.. Wee little.. Wee. wee little... That true?.. wouldn't know.. never spent much time smacking my lips over another man's dick... What about his asshole? Ever smack your lips over that?.. little young nigger made me mad and I had to jam Coke bottle up his ass... use a bottle..? Your cock wouldn't fill it? It did. After I took the.. bottle out. Filled his mouth too. Prefer mouth, do you? If it's big.. and ugly.. belongs to an ignorant motherfucker who is about to get the living shit whipped out of him. The knife glittered.. motherfucker.. did the best he could with a broken bottle.. stick that cocksucker.. If he'd had weapon he would have slaughtered everybody in sight."

- "..toothless motherfucker.. Fuck 'em.. nigger.. black Neanderthals.. Fuck 'em.. meanest unhung niggers in the world."

- "Son of a fuckin bitch!"  


The Bluest Eye

by Toni Morrison




"..she will give him her body sparingly and partially. ..enter her surreptitiously, lifting the hem of her nightgown only to her navel. He must rest his weight on his elbows when they make love, ostensibly to avoid hurting her breasts but actually to have to keep her from having to touch or feel too much of him. While he moves inside her, she will wonder why they didn't put the necessary but private parts.. in some more convenient place... like the armpit.. or the palm of the hand. Someplace one could get to easily, and quickly, without undressing. ...hopes he will not sweat... that she will remain dry between her legs - she hates the glucking sound they make when she is moist. When she senses some spasm about to grip him, she will make rapid movements with her hips, press her fingernails into his back and pretend she is having and orgasm. ...might wonder again.. what it would be like to have that feeling while her husbands penis is inside her. ..closest thing to it was [walking] her napkin slipped free of her sanitary belt... moved gently between her legs... a slight and distinctly delicious sensation collected in her crotch.. delight grew, she had to stop... hold her thighs together to contain it... but it never happens when he is inside her. When he withdraws, she pulls her nightgown down, slips out of bed and into the bathroom with relief."


"..were on top of each other in a moment... under her dress.. hand in her bloomers.. [she] pulled down her pants.. [he] dropped his pants to his knees... excitement collecting inside him.. her moans.. felt an explosion threaten.. [she] froze and cried out.. 2 white men.. Hee hee hee hee... flashlight all over [them].. Get on wid it nigger.. make it good, nigger...lifted his gun down from his shoulder.. he pulled her dress up and lowered his trousers and underwear... Hee hee.. simulate what had gone on before... could do no more than make believe.. flashlight made a moon on his behind... Come on, coon. Faster. You ain't doing nothing for her... almost wished he could do it - hard, long and painfully, he hated her so much... the coon ain't comed yet.. he have to come on his own time. Good luck, coon.."

- "Tell that bitch she get her money.. get the fuck outta my face!"

Rape of his daughter: "..staggered home reeling drunk and saw his daughter in the kitchen.. Why did she have to look so whipped?.. her misery was an accusation. He wanted to break her neck - but tenderly. Guilt and impotence rose.. What could a burned-out black man say to the hunched back of his 11 year old daughter... hatred of her slimed in his stomach and threatened to become vomit. But just before the puke moved... she.. stood on one foot scratching the back of her calf with her toe.... filled him with a wondering softness. Not the usual lust to part tight legs with his own... desire to cover her foot with his hand and gently nibble away the calf with his teeth. He did it...sank to his knees.. Crawling on all fours toward her.. nibbled at the back of her leg. His mouth trembled at the firm sweetness of the flesh... closed his eyes, letting his fingers dig into her waist.. rigidness of her shocked body... better than P.'s easy laughter had been.. doing of a wild and forbidden thing excited him.. bolt of desire ran down his genitals, giving it length, and softening the lips of his anus.. wanted to fuck her - tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold.. tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear.. gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made - a hollow suck of air in the back of her throat... Removing himself from her was do painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dry harbor of her vagina. She appeared to have fainted. C. ..could see only her grayish panties, so limp and so sad around her ankles.. hatred mixed with tenderness.. hatred would not let him pick her up, the tenderness forced him to cover her. ..regained consciousness.. on floor.. [she] was trying to connect the pain between her legs with the face of her mother looming over her."


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by  Stephen Chbosky




But the boy just talked soft to her about how good she looked and things like that, and she grabbed his penis with her hands and started moving it. I wish I could describe this a little more nicely without using words like penis, but that was the way it was


After a few minutes, the boy pushed the girl's head down, and she started to kiss his penis. She was still crying. Finally, she stopped crying because he put his penis in her mouth, and I don't think you can cry in that position. I had to stop watching at that point because I started to feel sick, but it kept going on, and they kept doing other things, and she kept saying "no." Even when I covered my ears, I could still hear her say that.


When I got out of the bathroom, I heard a noise in the room where we left our coats. I opened the door, and I saw Patrick kissing Brad. It was a stolen type of kissing. They heard me in the door and turned around.
And Patrick smiled. And Bob started to make fun of him having a crush on the quarterback. And Patrick smiled more.


When most people left, Brad and Patrick went into Patrick's room.
They had sex for the first time that night.
I don't want to go into detail about it, because it's pretty private stuff, but I will say that Brad assumed the role of the girl in terms of where you put things. I think that's pretty important to tell you. When they were finished, Brad started to cry really  hard. He had been drinking a lot. And getting really stoned.


What the fuck is wrong with you?"..."And I thought Brad was fucked-up. Jesus."


There was a guy named Carl Burns and everyone called him C.B. And one day C.B. got so drunk at a party that he tried to "fuck" the host's dog.
And there was this guy they called "Action Jack" because supposedly he was caught masturbating at a drunk party. And at every pep rally, the kids would clap and chant, Action Jack...clap clap clap...Action Jack.


One night Patrick took me to this park where men go and find each other. Patrick told me that if I didn't want to be bothered by anyone that I should just not make eye contact. He said that eye contact is how you agree to fool around anonymously. Nobody talks. They just find places to go. After a while, Patrick saw someone he liked. He asked me if I needed any cigarettes, and when I said no, he patted my shoulder and walked away with this boy. ...
So, tonight, he dropped me off at home. It was the night we went back to the park where men meet. And the night he saw Brad there with some guy.


The Pillars of the Earth

by  Ken Follett




.....if you don't take the money (for the woman) I'll run you through with my sword and fuck her in front of the children!"

"explored her body.. excite her with his fingers" "move rhythmically.. moan of pleasure" "...seed comes out of a man's prick and is planted in a womans cunny" "..dagger in belly.. pulled out dagger.. stuck it in man's mouth.." "..he could rip off her cloths... look at her nakedness... wanted to crush her ripe body.. force her thighs apart..." "Alfred said it was called fucking"

- Monks are like geldings: physical passion is denied to them, but they still smell cunt."

Tell us where the money is or she'll have... sword up her cunt..."

- Rape of man's daughter, monk intervenes..... "go to hell... I want to fuck her first"

"put (his hand) between her legs...feel me...feel inside...pushed finger inside her...slippery with desire...enter her...felt him push...move rhythmically...gasps turned into cries...his cock in her jet spurt inside her"


The Rose and the Beast : Fairy Tales Retold

by Francesca Lia Block




Oh shit, he said. What the fuck."

-"He picked her up one night and took her to a small villa... told her to take off her dress and arranged her limbs on a big white bed, tied and slapped her arm, tucked the needle into the largest, least bruised vein... 3 men climbed onto her while P hovered around them taking shots.. she lay still. She let the opium be her soul. It was better than having a soul. It did not cry out, it did not write with pain. Get off her, you fucks!.. Want to join the party? 1 of the men said. I think she wants to join the party."

-"I wonder what this boy's perfect dream day would be. Probably to get to fuck Pamela Lee.."

-"Grandma.. think she knew that he was fucked up."



by  Robert Cormier.


Happy Hollow Elementary in transit; Woodland; FHS


Eric, a psycho, in order to find 'tenderness' sexually assaults and kills girls. Before graduating to girls, he killed animals and his mom and stepfather. Lori, 15 years old, a disturbed teenager, is also looking for her own strange version of 'tenderness'.

-"[mom] still thinks I am a virgin... I am. Technically that is... had moments with boys in rear seats at [theater],.. backseats of cars... but never all the away. ..been trying to figure out what love is and the difference between sex and love and.. lust... think one of my teachers was in love with me, but he never touched me... his eyes on me made me quiver, all that longing in his eyes... I used to linger after school... almost bumped into each other.. I wanted to take his hand and place it on me and tell him not to be afraid.. [I] want... someone who would be tender with me."

-next ride: "I smile at him. I am aware of my short shorts and move my legs.... I spread my legs a little more and sigh, my shoulders at attention, knowing what this does to my top..... perspiration dampens his forehead...Would you like to kiss me I ask... would be nice to be kissed and held by him.... think you'd like to kiss me. make out a little... you could help me out a little.... $20 dollars... he pulls into a spot by the side of the road... reaches for me.. and I go toward him, letting him have me, and he kisses my cheeks and throat and his hands move over my body... makes a funny moaning sound when he touches my top and his hand remains there caressing.. letting him squeeze and caress... moans again.. he his all over me know... breathing fast... his heart throbbing against me... shudders like an earthquake throughout his body and I know that he is finished."

-"..had just finished with Alicia... laid her down in a thicket near the tracks, waiting for the proper moment to dispose of her body.. pushed his way through the brush to make certain that he was alone... encounters [another] girl [12 years old]... his heart accelerated as they talked. 2 in one day. 2 within a few minutes of each other. Almost too beautiful to resist, despite the risks. But --how could he dispose of 2 of them... unexpected girl. a child, really. excitement flooded him at the thought of sharing tenderness with a child."

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Cormier, Robert.


Tenderness : a novel / by Robert Cormier.


New York : Delacorte Press, c1997.





(book jacket)



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  Happy Hollow-Fiction



  East Campus-Fiction










229 p.


A psychological thriller told from the points of view of a teenage serial killer and the runaway girl who falls in love with him.


Serial murders -- Fiction.


Psychopaths -- Fiction.


Murder -- Fiction.


Runaways -- Fiction.


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