Submit a Letter to Northwest Arkansas Times newspaper

    To write a  letter to the editor at Northwest Arkansas Times, the Fayetteville paper that has printed the most articles on this controversial library issue, see this link.  We know that other national organizations have written letters to them because they posted them on their websites. I am sure individuals from other areas have as well.  The paper invites individuals to do this on their website. Maximum length is 500 words.

To check this site for numerous  letters and articles  already printed on this library  topic, go to this link and type in Laurie Taylor in the  Search line.

To submit a letter to the state paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, go to this link.  They only accept letters from Arkansas and letters cannot be over 250 words.

See other links below:

Please take action and sign the petition opposing these books posted by  Laurie Taylor, the parent challenging the books in Fayetteville, AR  by going to this link:


Link to Shocking Pictures in elementary schools

it Fayetteville, Arkansas  School Library

Warning:  You may  have to disconnect your filter if  you have one on your computer to get these.

(May take a short time or longer  to load)


Another Link to

Summaries of Twenty Shocking Books

 in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library


Another Link to

Excerpts from 35 Shocking Books

in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library

(Worse than first 20 if possible)


For explanation and summary of  this library  story, go to this link:























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