20 Shocking Books in School Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas Summaries of twenty shocking school library porn books at Fayetteville, Arkansas



Twenty Shocking Books

 at Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library


(Summaries of all 20  below -  35 more even worse at this link) http://www.wpaag.org/Books%20%2035%20Bad%20Books%202nd%20List.htm

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Titles and author of each book in bold blue print

 Doing It  by Melvin Burgess

Copyright 2003. Has a picture of couple having sex on front cover.  For 12 years and up.                                              

Opening paragraphs:

"Okay," said Jonathan.  "The choice is this.  You either have to shag Jenny Gibson—or else that homeless woman who begs spare change outside Cramner's bakers."

            Dino and Ben recoiled in disgust.  Jenny was known as the ugliest girl in the school but the beggar woman was filthy.  Her teeth!

            "You are so gross," said Ben disgustedly.

            Jonathan acknowledged the compliment smugly and nodded.  He was the King of this..."At least they're both female," said Dino.

 "And you have to do oral sex on her, too."

" You never said anything abut oral sex,"  said Ben.                        

            "Oral sex until she comes."


Review of  Book "Doing It"

Melvin Burgess, author of Smack, has written what is potentially the most controversial young adult novel ever. Doing It is an honest and funny book about three teenage British boys learning about themselves and life through their sexual experiences. But here's the catch: the story is told from the point of view of the hormone-sodden young males, naughty bits and all.  ,,, Ben finds himself steeped in a dilemma of a different sort. His 20-something drama teacher chooses him to be her secret sexual playmate... And Ben is living every teenage boy's dream, an affair with a lusty teacher--but somehow it's getting to be too much of a good thing.  Link to this from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0805075658/qid=1119271033/sr=8-1/ref=pd_csp_1/102-0002868-0174577


Fayetteville School Library has the following:

502 books listed under sex but only 152 books on drugs and  93 on smoking.
66 books on sex instruction
53 books listed under  homosexuality
23 books on lesbians
3 books listed under abstinence or  sexual abstinence
25  listed under homosexuality fiction  
11 books listed under lesbian fiction
16 books listed under rape fiction
9 books listed under incest fiction
209 books listed under witches fiction
as opposed to
2 books listed under Jewish Fiction, 
2 books listed under  Afro American Fiction.
1 book listed under  Indian fiction.
1 book listed under Hispanic Fictin
3 books listed under multicultural fiction.
0 books listed under abstinence fiction
(We could find very little in the library about the STD's or health problems association with promiscuity.  There was no listing in the card catalog for promiscuity, promiscuous, immorality, sexual addiction, sex addicts or STD's.  You would think with 502 books on sex there would be something associated with the problems of  teenage sex. 
For those who didn't already know, now you know what Diversity Means!!!
The promotion of the homosexual agenda!!!



Following is a list of twenty books  in  Fayetteville School Library that contain vile, obscene  language, anti religious themes - like asking yourself "what would Jesus not do" and writers who are anti religious.    Homosexuality, restroom sex,  sex addicts, sex with AIDS victims, bisexuality (threesome relations), transgender sexual orientation,  bestialty,  and raw sex scenes that can't be included here - , books that were partially  published in Playboy, books that will give some proceeds to Gay and Lesbian Groups are part of  the mixture.


  One book is described by editors' review as  a "witty, sexy, romp," another as   having "raw street savy humor."  Reviews  also describe some of  these books as "the most controversial young adult novel ever"; "one of the most censored and controversial teen novels, " "A sure-to-be controversial volume on inducting self- and professed homosexual teenagers into the gay and lesbian culture of the 1990's." 


However,  the words of  the books themselves included below will give the picture better than any of  the reviews.  Much of  the raw sex in the books can't be printed here so reviews  were necessary to give a short summary. However enough is included to shock you and give you a picture of  what is in the school library these days.    In an age where STD's are rampant and deadly and on the increase, adults are enticing our children into lifestyles that in essence are slaughtering our children.


 Before you begin on this list,  you may want to go to this link and see the first three books that a parent, Laurie Taylor, brought to the attention of  the Fayetteville School District.  A secular radio talk host in Little Rock had Laurie Taylor on his program and told his audience that in their wildest imagination they could not visualize the pictures they put in 3rd grade sex education books and invited them to go to the link and look at them. Link to these Pictures:   http://www.wpaag.org/Books%20-%20Pornographic%20in%20Sch.%20Library.htm


You can go to this link which is the Fayetteville online catalog and find the book is on the shelf.  http://falcon.fayar.net/search/t?SEARCH=Rainbow+High  Or go to this link http://falcon.fayar.net/screens/opacmenu.html and go to title and type in Rainbow High.  You can type in the name of  any book to see if  they have it in the library at this last link.  


To find these book (or other controversial  books) on Amazon.com and get reviews of  it, you go to www.Amazon.com and type in the title.  When the book comes up, click the title and it will give a quote and after the quote and  will say "more"  You can then read several pages from the book.  This is a helpful technique for looking up controversial books. They also have underneath the book different reviews and even pro and con reviews by people who have read the book.




          Choke  by Palahniuk


Portions of this book have previously appeared in PLAYBOY from Amazon.com. information. . Copyright 2001 Anchor Books Edition, June 2002 on title page.


Excerpts  from Choke.


"For sex addicts your tits, your dick, your clit, or tongue or asshole is a shot of heroin, always there, always ready to use."


"The truth is, sex isn't sex unless you have a new partner every time. The first time is the only session when your head and body are both there. Even the second hour of that first time, your head can start to wander. You don't get the full anesthetic quality of good first-time anonymous sex."


"Just keep asking yourself: "What would Jesus not do?"


"In the summer of 1642 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a teenage boy was accused of buggering a mare, a cow, two goats, five sheep, two calves, and a turkey. This is real history on the books. In accordance with the Biblical laws of Leviticus, after the boy confessed he was forced to watch each animal being slaughtered.  This was before there were sexaholic talk therapy meetings.
I ask, "Any questions?"
The fourth-graders just look at me. A girl in the second row says,
"What's buggering?"  


 Following this is a passage so vile like many passages  it can't be printed here.  It is written in stream of consciousness style, and the best this writer could understand it,  this protagonist is teaching children but is maturbating in his mind while he is doing so.  He describes in obscene language every action he visualizes in his mind. 


From Library Journal

In the course of his three novels (e.g., Fight Club), Palahniuk has become a master of depicting the dark and depraved underbelly of our society through the voices of mordantly existential protagonists. Choke is no exception. This time around, readers are ushered into a world of sexaholics, historical theme parks, and other bizarre matters by Victor Mancini, a medical school dropout who has resorted to fake choking in restaurants in order to pay the hospital expenses for his elderly mother, Ida. Some readers may be shocked and even repulsed by much of the subject matter here. .


From Booklist

The people who save him feel responsible for his life and send money whenever they can. Also, he is a sex addict, engaging in shockingly lewd acts of physical gratification in the bathroom across the hall from his Sexaholics Anonymous meeting.


This book was very mediocre at best. I think that the author covers up the poor execution of his novel here with graphic language.  I have nothing against an author shocking a reader, but here it is just slathered on so thickly. And its not just that he uses words that will get censored out if I were to post them on Amazon.


Review by Charlie Lamothe Still The Cutting Edge! - Don't Miss it!, June 11, 2005

"Choke" is a marvelous novel. If you have any interest in being on the cutting edge of where literature is going, this is the book you must read. 


 (God Help Us)



          Between  Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey

Copyright 2001


Excerpts from Editorial Reviews -


The Sunday Denver Post calls it "A witty, sexy romp"


Publisher's Weekly: This author is riding the wave of a book-signing tour in Oakland, Calif., but is still reeling from the repercussions of being stood up at the altar by seven-year lover and secretly budding lesbian Nicole. . .she quickly moves in with female lover Ayanna, a fiery, cynical attorney. A year later, Nicole gets busy alternating dates with both partners . . . When they all finally come together, there is a dialogue-heavy, war of the roses-style battle for Nicole's heart (sandwiched between some particularly vigorous erotic play, Dickey-style) [That is too vile to print here.].


Young Readers' comment: the part when all three of them were together was the worst threesome i ever read about or seen in my life... I have read a lot of books in my life and this one is at the top of the list as one of the worst


Opening passage of  book.  " I'm naked. Across the room, in my rented bed, Nicole is naked too. Her honey-blond locks shadow her face.   Next to my open laptop is the novel Lolita, , , I pulled them out a while ago [photos] , propped them upon on top of my cassette recorder, and sat here with my feet bouncing in another chair, my testicles and penis at ease, cold, but ready for play. ...While NWA raps "Fuck the Police in the background...Three times she yawns, each sounding like  a soft orgasm, the kind you have when your parents are in the next room. ...The room has hints of frankincense  and patchouli, scents Nicole traded in her Chanel No 5 for, earthy and spiritual aromas that remind people of a period of Black Panthers and revolution "


p. 39  "I don't ask if she's rushing to her white-collar job in Emeryville, or running home to see her soft-legged over.  Don't ask if she's leaving dick to chase clit."  [In reference to the triangle love of  the male and female competing for the love of  a female.]

p. 277  "Why would you want to be in Spain with a one-foot-in-the-closet, one-foot-out-of-the-closet sociopath who lives inside her own little cunt.


Back Cover of the book gives  a brief summary of book and says,  "But luring her ex back into her life and testing the boundaries between lovers, Nicole is playing with fire.  And you'd better believe that the anger, jealousy, excitement, and passion of this triangle are going to run hot. [So librarian should know what is in the book.]


          CHEATERS  By Eric Jerome Dickey

Copyright 1999

Editor's Review

Before reviewing this powerful novel, let me caution potential readers that this book contains very explicit sex and violence, extremely foul language, and explores the gamier side of the club and dating life. If such things offend you, consider another novel. .. The book develops primarily from the perspectives of Stephan Mitchell, a man who loves to keep a large number of women on the string, and Chante Ellis, who is in love with falling in love . . . and keeps finding herself with exploitive bums. Donald Mitchell "Your Dream Concierge -- see http://livebetterthanabillionaireon5dollars.blogspot.com/"


"Raw, Street Savy Humor" says Publisher's Weekly - Says this on Back Cover of  the Book and other things that indicate the type of book it is.


From Publishers Weekly
Dickey (Milk in My Coffee) takes on the subjects of love, sex, marriage and infidelity among Los Angeles's young, upscale African-American community.

For example, Stephan (the leading male protagonist) is a computer programmer who switches women as fast as he does lanes on the freeway, and when he finds one that he really likes, the skeletons in his closet begin to fall out, bone by bone.

Cheaters is Dickey's sexy, sassy, and sharp-tongued new novel. Taking a dip into the Los Angeles singles scene, Dickey treats us to a totally uncensored, uninhibited, and outrageously entertaining adventure in seduction, betrayal, heartbreak, revenge, and oh-so-sweet true love.

"What distinguishes Dickey from the pack is his hip prose, which crackles with wit and all the rhythm of an intoxicatingly funky rap."



          The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey.



... My marriage is supposed to be my place of solace, not a place of  fucking grief, and my husband is supposed to my friend, not my fucking enemy. Choose which one you wanna be."



Dickey offers plenty of straight-on sex and violence, but also probes questions of contemporary morals and the psychology of betrayal, writing compellingly and believably from his heroine's point of view


The Homo Handbook – Getting In Touch With Your Inner Homo

 by Judy Carter

 A survival guide for Lesbians and Gay Men,  Copyright 1996


The following is from a list on the front cover of Homo Handbook by Judy Carter. Ten Steps You Will Learn: "How To Get Laid: Top gay Internet sites:  Bigot Bashing Made Easy: Are you Gay -Take the Gay Test; Getting Gay Relationships to Last Longer Than a Bic Pen: Snappy Comeback to Stupid Bible Quotes."


"Coming out is fun.  Straight people don't know what they are missing."


"Top Excuses For Staying in the Closet.  I'm not gay;  I was just drunk. It is amazing to me how many people are gay only  when they are drunk."


First page of book  gives some advantages of  coming out:  other gay people will feel safe to hit on you,  you will get to be  on talk show hosts, you'll get to run for office because you will be the only candidate that isn't hiding anything,  you will be invited by straight people to liven up the party,  it's fun having your own float in a gay parade. (This paragraph closely  paraphrased)


p. 132 ....lonely being gay?" Why, no. There are at least seven others, and we get together each week to plan the gay agenda."  "Now, dear, tell me . . .which one of you does , you know, the man's things?    (The gay agenda is mentioned several times in the book and call the straights the radical right.)



          Gays/justice: a study of ethics, society, and law by Richard D. Mohr.


Excerpts from Editorial Reviews


From Publishers Weekly
As a cogent brief for gay rights, these philosophically informed essays pull no punches. Mohr believes homosexuals should have stronger civil-rights protection to prevent widespread discrimination in employment, housing and public services. He argues that anti-gay discrimination "in good faith" in the army, police forces and schools is actually prejudice in bad faith, built around invidious stereotypes of homosexuals. . .. He opposes the closing of gay bathhouses as immoral and condemns sodomy laws as an assault on human dignity.



More critical to the substance of his work is the manner in which he [author] allows his personal religious views to affect his arguments. His own distaste for organized religion leads him to conclude that religious gays should step aside and not participate in the struggle for gay rights..... his lack of understanding of the religious issues leaves him unable to see the incredible importance of maintaining a strong religious argument that challenges the religious rhetoric of the Right using shared values and language. Overall, however, I have yet to read a more powerful look into the future of a successful gay rights movement.



Coming Out in College:  The struggle for a queer identity

 by Robert A. Rhoads  At bottom of  Front Cover it says,  Critical Studies in Educational and Culture Series, Copyright  1994.  Lesbian, gay, and bisexual is the phrase used in this book together as a phrase numerous times.


Excerpts from book:


. .politically involved yet at the same time engage in anonymous sex, since it basically encourages someone else to remain closeted." Restroom sex is not the only vehicle for closeted gay and bisexual men to meet other men for relationships. p 73

Another student, now in his early 20s, has engaged in restroom sex since he was 14 years old. This student described restroom sex as sex with a stranger whom one typically meets ..." p. 72


            First page of book:   The term "queer" is an identifier adopted by a majority of the gay students who will be heard throughout this work For these students, identifying as queer connotes a sense of pride and openness about one's same-sex desires as well as a degree of hostility toward heterosexism....This attitude was expressed by Shane some nine months ago  after participating in National Coming Out Day:  Sometimes I feel like being very out and telling people who have a problem with it to piss off!"


p. 4 of  book.  "Those those who don't know where they are. I am sick and tired of being good enough to suck your dick but not good enough to know your name..  I am sick and tired of  being good enough to be your friend at a nightclub  on a Sunday evening but not good enough to be your friend anywhere else.


 "The voices presented thus far were all heard on National Coming Out Day on the campus of Clement University a university with over 30,000 students.... Other students were there to be heard.   .  "I've come out to speak because lots of us here and some of us are queer.  Not to mention the fact that I've fucking had it up to here. ..There is a lot of shit that goes on in our world, therefore we need all the love we can get.  So, how do they justify it all?  By calling this love bad love, sinful love , the wrong kind of love.  To them I say that's a fucking oxymoron.  There is no such thing as bad love ...I am a bisexual/sensual woman with a "y." reserve the right to love and to receive love on my terms.   (This writer has this question:  – does this  include pedophile love and bestiality love, sex orgies, restroom sex etc.?) 


            p. 4 of actual book:   "Mall actions" are examples of Browning's conception of what it means to be queer:  Gay men and lesbians, usually in a three-to-one male-to female ration, mount "queer visibility" expeditions, walking hand in hand into stores, shopping a lot, buying a little, and engaging in exaggerated mimicry of the straights  who surround them. Occasionally, there is a kiss-in.  The look is punk, drag, leather, bleached hair, dyed hair, earrings, ear cuffs, nipple rings, nose pins, scarves, streamers, and balloons. It's demonstration as picnic, picnic as political action ...For Browning, queer involves a degree of "rage" toward heterosexism and is often expressed in organized political activities. 



           GLBTQ : the survival guide for queer & questioning teens by Kelly Huegel   Recommended fro grade 7-up


      Describes the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens; offers practical advice and real-life experiences; and provides informtion on resources and real-life experiences.  Contents listed on the online library  GBLTQ basics: Homophobia,  Coming Out,  Life at school, GLBTQ friends, Dating and relationships, Sex, Your Health, Drugs, alcohol and tobacco, Religion and culture, Work, Transgender teensIt has an entire chapter dealing with transgender teens.

            The tone is always supportive and matter-of-fact, Huegel's recommendations are sensible and practical, and apposite quotations from young people who have "been there" enrich the text. The book, designed for browsing, also contains an extraordinary number of references to additional resources--many of them online--as well as a glossary and a bibliography. One of the best one-volume sources of information available about being GLBTQ. Michael Cart


.... It also provides excellent, current resources for teens, from crisis lines to 'safe' (moderated) chat sites.

From a young reader from Amazon:  Transgender issues and stories have their own chapter, as do homophobia and coming out. descriptive paragraphs are broken up by small autobiographical blurbs by young people describing their experiences with the topic at hand, and by smaller essays.

From School Library Journal  [Example of  how liberal the professionals - the gatekeepers-  are]
Grade 7 Up-A great choice for teens who are gay or questioning their sexuality, or even those who would like to know more about what it's like to be queer (Huegel says it's "a great word because it frees you from using a more specific label if you don't want to"). Written in hip language and style, the book covers the basics in GLBTQ 101, then moves chapter by chapter through the primary issues and questions such as coming out; dating and sexuality; religion; and life at school, work, and home. Each chapter contains sidebar quotes from gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens and descriptions of appropriate resources such as books, organizations, and Web sites. 


Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez

recommended for 12 years and up.  Copyright 2003


The first two paragraphs read:


               "Do you realize," Nelson said, hoping into a pair of freshly washed jeans, "it's my third date with Jeremy and we still haven't had sex."  I'll call the Guiness Book of Records," Kyle mumbled as he searched Nelson's jumbled sock drawer for a matching set. "You're going to wait til after your HIV test, right?" 


                 Excerpts  o f  Editors's Review:


                "Sanchez's debut novel chronicles the senior year of three gay teens struggling with issues ranging from coming out to first love to an HIV scare. Nelson and Kyle stand up to their principal for the right to form a gay-straight alliance at their school, and

Ages 12-up. (Oct). " Review found on Amazon.com at this link http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0689857705/ref=pd_sim_b_1/102-0002868-0174577?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance



Rainbow Boys  by  by Alex Sanchez


This is a book about gay high school boys and their lovers.

N says "[my mom] knew before I did. I'm her fucking cause... K [said] he had a crush on a boy at school.. kissed his pillow at night pretending it was him. [tells N who] Gay-dar! gay-dar! Closet case. Big time. At least bi."

-"His mind drifted to images of J in the locker room... his biceps bulging... butt framed by his jockstrap... wrapped his arms around his pillow.."

-"..sorry for the 1000th fucking time."

-"how the fuck should I know?"

for more http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0689857705/ref=sib_dp_pt/102-8987437-4808160#readerpage



Am I Blue?  Coming Out From the Silence

 by Marion Dane Bauer

   Copyright e 1994  Short stories by different noted authors celebrating their homosexuality



First pages of  book  "It started the day Butch Carrigan decided I was interested in jumping his bones.  "You little fruit," he snarled. "I'll teach you to look at me!"


Excerpts from Editorial  Reviews of Am I Blue, Coming Out From the Silence.


 For the first-ever anthology of YA fiction devoted to lesbian and gay themes, Bauer ( On My Honor ) has assembled original stories by a stellar list of popular children's and YA authors, among them M. E. Kerr, Nancy Garden, William Sleator, Jane Yolen, C. S. Adler and Bruce Coville. With subjects ranging from first love to coming out, self-discovery to homophobia, the collection offers an eclectic mix of voices.  . . . Part of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Ages 12-up." 


Surprisingly, her grandmother is much more accepting of the girl's sexuality since she had visited Nazi Germany under Hitler and knew what it was like to feel excluded.


 This is a book i wish i had read when i was 16... and would make a great gift for any young teen - no matter what their sexuality- to teach tolerance and acceptance.



(Writer's concern.  Even if  a person had no problem with homosexuality, encouraging students to come out in high school may cause them to do things that they would later regret.  We know of  a young man who praised the Arkansas Governor's School in a letter which was put on a web, and he pleaded for it to be removed because it did not fit his present career and lifestyle and could damage his career.    It was removed, but this is a perfect example of  how these books can harm lives.)




          Forever  by Judy Blume

Copyright 1975


Excerpts:  Opening sentence of  the book:   "Sybil Davison has a genius I.Q. and has been laid by at least six different guys..." 


Front cover of  book - A moving story of the end of innocence. Back cover  Lovely...graphic...explicit.

Editor's Review:    Going all the way" is still a taboo subject in young adult literature. Judy Blume was the first author to write candidly about a sexually active teen, and she's been defending teenagers' rights to read about such subjects ever since.


Excerpts from Reviews of  young readers says it all:  [For complete reviews got to www.amazon.com and type in title of  the book and then click on the book.]

Comments:  Maybe this is perverted but I actually liked the book lots! It's definitely not something that I'd want to read out loud in class or anything but I won't lie and say I put it down. Although I thought it was kinda nasty when Kath is having sex and she says she makes noises doing it, just like her mother! I mean, why would you think about your MOTHER when your HAVING SEX!!  Daniell,


Comments: I totally loved this book - even my boyfriend read it.HaHaHa!! It helped us with a lot of difficulties that we had when we had and have sex. I think any female or male teenager can relate to this book.



The thing I loved about 'Forever' was the way it was so amazingly frank. It told the truth about teenage life and I have to say I have never come across another book like it. 



One complaint: Nobody in this book seemed to have any major hang-ups about sex or birth control. Kath's family and friends were eager and open to talk about sex; Kath's grandmother even gave her birth control advice. Now, I don't know of anyone who could be so lucky, so in that respect "Forever" failed to be realistic. . . If you're pretty comfortable about sex, you'll probably enjoy this book. If not, you'll probably cringe and either burn it or secretly continue reading it... 


Comments:I think it's a great book but shouldn't be put in an elementary school library because these children are not mature enough to understand what the book is trying to imply. It should be kept away from immature people because it will change somebody else's opinion about sex.


Comments: To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly the "book worm" type person. . .. From the moment I picked up the book and started at page 1, I could not put it down. After I finished the book, I wanted to read it over and over. After reading Forever, I just wanted to keep on reading all of Judy Blume's books. After talking about it to all my friends, they just had to get in on the action and borrowed the book and some even went out and bought it. [The way these good books spread]


Comments: This book was most probably the best book I have ever read!!! I read this book in one night! It brings so many surprises and gives the exact perception of how sex should be. I really want Judy Blume to write a sequel to this book. I would be the first one to buy it!! This book was great and it's a really good book for people who think about engaging in a sexual relationship because they love each other!


Comments: This book was a horrible view of actual love. Love starts way before the bedroom. If a guy doesn't love you with your clothes on, he'll never love you with your clothes off. If you want a real love story, read the Bible.


Comments from:

It is definitely only for mature readers, and even though this site recommends it for 12 and up, I think junior high is too young to be reading this novel. You will be able to appreciate better when you're older anyway.


          Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle 

 Copyright 2003


Comment: At the end of the book, I was left wondering what the moral, lesson, or message was. The only thing I really picked up was that it was "okay to be gay", and even that theme didn't shine through strongly.

Comment: Laruen Myracle is a writer to watch. Her depiction of sixteen-year old Lisa, brave enough to question everything she once took as truth, will delight readers of all ages

Comment: While I adore YA novels about queer kids, this one left me a little underwhelmed. I was just never convinced that Lissa and Kate were real people --- the character development was nil. . . For a really good read, rely on the old classic Annie On My Mind --- a book which I still practically keep under my pillow, and which convinced my mom (!) that maybe, maybe this lesbian thing was OK.

Comment: Complicating things is the fact that she has these feelings towards her best friend Kate who after arousing desires in Lissa with a kiss now ignores her.



Children of  Horizons

by Gilbert Herdt


Excerpts From Editorial Reviews from www.amazon.com


Book Description
How Gay and Lesbian Teens Are Leading a New Way Out of the Closet


From Kirkus Reviews
A sure-to-be controversial volume on inducting self-professed homosexual teenagers into the gay and lesbian culture of the 1990's. . . Adolescence is the age of experimentation, most people contend, one in which no decisions have been made. . . . . both of whom are gay, disagree, their findings based on two years spent interviewing teenagers at the Chicago-based Horizons center, which offers refuge for teens troubled about their sexual identities. The authors' interviews and questionnaires show that, in some cases, children as young as nine years old have the beginnings of a same-sex preference. . .Herdt and Boxer describe that community in often tedious detail, including the geography of Chicago's gay neighborhoods; the history of homosexuals in the US; and the rituals and organizations--from political groups to choruses and sports teams--that help define a gay/lesbian culture


From Library Journal
The authors, a psychological anthropologist and a developmental psychologist, undertook a study of 202 ethnically diverse lesbian and gay youth aged 14 to 20 during 1987 and 1988 at the Horizons Community Services, Inc., a Chicago gay community center founded in 1973. A brief history of the 20th-century homosexual experience in Chicago contextualizes the study, which serves as a microcosm of American attitudes toward homosexuality.
This moving inquiry demonstrates that any confusion youth may experience is not about their sexual identity but about how to express themselves in an intensely homophobic society. Recommended for most collections.
- James E. Van Buskirk, San Francisco P.L.



          Family Values : Two Moms and Their Son

by Phyllis Burke  

Copyright 1993

Excerpts from Editorial Reviews


From Publishers Weekly
  Contrary to its title, this colorful, funny and fearless memoir set in San Francisco's gay community is about a nonbiological mom--novelist Burke ( Atomic Candy )--and how she came out of the closet, became politically radicalized and committed herself to four-year-old Jessie, the biological son of her domestic partner Cheryl, who had been artificially inseminated.


From Kirkus Reviews

          Meanwhile, Burke had become increasingly drawn to Queer Nation, the activist group that has used humor and shock tactics- -such as ``queer fashion shows'' at suburban shopping malls and glitter-tossing demonstrations against the filming of Basic Instinct--to propel gay and lesbian issues into policy debate and the media.

From Library Journal
           Filled with humor and insight, this intimate portrait of motherhood is recommended for all collections. (Description of the book much like above paragraph precedes this statement. - Jim Van Buskirk, San Francisco P.L.




          Eight Seconds by Jean Ferris


Excerpts from Editorial Reviews


From School Library Journal Gr 9 Up-Between his junior and senior years in high school, John Ritchie and his best friend spend a week at rodeo school. One of the young men there, Kit, strikes John as intensely interesting, both in his graceful, confident demeanor and in his calm attitude toward both bulls and the town bully. After he returns home, John learns that Kit is gay. They meet from time to time during the summer, and at summer's end, John realizes that he is gay as well


Review:  Upon returning home from camp, John learns his new friend, challenging him to the core, both about his beliefs about homosexuality and his own internal struggling with it. . . For anyone just coming out, this book shows that path, a small section of it, as a positive step forward.


Review:  The book is a step in the right direction for teaching tolerance and breaking down stereotypes.



          Annie On My Mind: by Nancy Garden

Copyright 1982


Excerpts from Editorial Reviews: 


Published in 1982, Annie on My Mind remains one of the most censored and controversial teen novels., (Booklist Youth, v. 95)

          Annie On My Mind tells the story of two young women, each with loving families but outsiders at their respective schools, who meet at a museum in New York, quickly becoming friends and, later, lovers. The book is told from the perspective of Liza, a student at a private high school governed by an authoritarian principal. When Liza and Annie get caught making love in the house of two lesbian teachers, not just their lives but others' are irrevocably changed.

Young Reader Review:  I LOVED.. this book.. it was the first les book I had ever read.. I couldn't put it down until i finished it, and immediately read it again.. I think the author really captured young lesbian love and how it feels at first.. I felt like I was right there with the characters.. I couldn't find anything not to like this book. I'd recommend it to any young adult either les, bi, or anyone trying to understand more about lesbian relationships..


by Francesca Lia Block


"On that night, his life changed forever.  At last, Dirk learned who he really was, and that any love that is love is right."   Back Cover  [Writer's comment - could this include pedophilia and besteatlity]


Firs page of book: Dirk [protagonist] had known it since he could remember. At nap time he lay on the mat...He was on a train with  the fathers—all naked and cookie-colored and laughing.  . . .All the bunching calf muscles dripping water and biceps full of power comforted Dirk. He tried to see his own father's face but there was always too much steam.  Dirk knew that there was something about this train that wasn't right. .."I asked him about what the men and ladies on his toy rain were doing Mini, and do you know what he said?  He said they were  all taking showers together."

Excerpts from Editorial Reviews


From Publishers Weekly:   "Dirk had known it since he could remember"-known, that is, that he is gay. After his first heartbreak, with his closest friend (who cannot accept Dirk's love nor his own for Dirk...Dirk ...is visited by his ancestors, each telling a haunting, lyrical tale of

love, faith and self-acceptance. ....extravagantly imaginative settings and finely honed perspectives remind the reader that there is magic everywhere. Ages 12-up.

From School Library Journal
Grade 10 Up readers longing to feel at home with themselves. Gay teens in particular need this book. All fans of the series will relish meeting nice-guy Dirk as the tender Baby Be-Bop.?Claudia Morrow, Berkeley Public

Customer Reviews


The book is about a boy coming to terms with the fact that he is gay. Or rather, that he wishes the world could come to terms with this. Fair enough. But is it too much to ask that a book be grammatically correct and that syntax and diction make sense? Yes, I can understand that dealing with a "different" sexual orientation in a world that is mostly intolerant and abusive is hard, and that there are worse sins than

choppy incoherent sentences. And please do both of us (you and me) a favor and do not accuse me of being homophobic, because I am not


There are just plain too many teenager-aimed books nowadays that have this sort of choppy, half-conscious, half-delirious, not quite stream of consciousness style (if you can call it that) of writing.



            Leave Myself Behind

   by Bart Yates


Excerpts from Editorial Reviews


We have seen so many coming-out novels published in the past few years that one could say it's starting to be overdone, but this new novel about 17 year old Noah, is very effective and shows great originality. [This writer thinks Fayettevile School Library  hasn't missed a one.]


Noah York is a closeted gay teenager with a foul mouth, a critical disposition, and plenty of material for his tirades. After his father dies, Noah's mother, a temperamental poet, takes a teaching job in a small New Hampshire town, far from Chicago and the only world Noah has known. . .

Fortunately, Noah finds an unexpected ally in J. D., a teenager down the street who has family troubles of his own. Rape and other physical violence, alcoholism, and incest--the novel describes these abuses in a brutal, matter-of-fact way that may leave some readers uncomfortable.


Ever since J.D. Salinger wrote The Catcher in the Rye, authors have been hoping to create the next Holden Caulfield and critics have hoped to crown a character with that distinction. The latest temptation for comparison is surely Leave Myself Behind, a debut by Bart Yates. . . "The coming-out novel is a staple of queer fiction debuts. Some would even say it's an overworked cliché`. But Leave Myself Behind is an effervescently effective addition to the genre.


In addition to dealing with Dad's death, Noah is becoming clearer and more accepting about his own sexuality, finding himself gay after many attempts at being otherwise. Yates nicely deals with this issue and Noah comes across as a levelheaded normal kind of kid who happens to be gay. He's not a freak. He's not a screaming fairy. He's young man keenly aware that while he may not have chosen it, he's gay and he needs to accept it. . . Noah is an intelligent, engaging, comical and very likeable character. He speaks his mind and at times he is rollickingly comical and profane.




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