Has John Boozman Lost Touch with Conservative Voters?


Mr. Boozman has had ample time in D.C. (9yrs) to reveal his voting habits and character.

John Boozman is now running for Blanche Lincoln' Senate Seat Against 7 other candidates


The Oct ‘09 Rasmussen poll says seventy-three percent (73%) of Republican voters say their party's representatives in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters nationwide.


Club for Growth’s aim is for Legislative leaders to cut taxes and treat taxpayers equally.

Club for Growth reports a comparison between Congressman Boozman and two conservatives.


Club for Growth leader report 2006-2008.

With 100% being the best possible score.

Moderate                          Rep. John Boozman          scored 43%

True conservative          Rep. Michele Bachman       scored 94%

True conservative               Sen. Jim DeMint            scored100%


One year Boozman received a low of 8%!

(His website NOW has a link stating that the GOP should stop taking EARMARKS.)


His voting record is very disappointing to true conservatives.


Boozman has voted for…

T.A.R.P. bill - (The $700 billion bill that gave Government officials sweeping power to bail out banks and corporations, with few checks and balances and scant oversight - that has resulted in total abuse of the money. The bill establishes an unconstitutional merger of government with banks and businesses.  The national debt was already $10 trillion when Boozman voted for this bill.

Prescription Drug Plan - Another movement toward socialized medicine and increased government spent at a cost of $350 billion for ten year period. The national debt at the time was already $6 trillion.

The No Child Left Behind ACT -  A very expensive educational program that gives government  total control over the schools and the school districts and is  the foundation for implementing a United Nations curriculum in schools.)


Mr. Boozman has NOT shown a passion to preserve our Nation.

During Boozman’s first eight years in office, did you ever hear him vocally oppose the expansion of government? Did you ever hear of him demanding that the Republicans stop the spending?

Is there any evidence of fiscal responsibility or attempts to get us out of this $12 Trillion debt? Doesn’t this prove that Boozman is a rubber stamp for the “Washington Insiders”?


Boozman is NOT the best candidate to compete against Blanche Lincoln!


The Feb. ‘10 Rasmussen poll finds that 63% of likely voters believe, generally speaking, that it would be better for the country if ALL the incumbents in Congress were defeated this November.  This makes Congressman Boozman one of the easiest candidates for the Democrats to beat in the November election for US Senate race.


The only way to set our nation back on the course that our founding fathers fought for

 is to choose candidates who vote for constitutional values!


We must elect truly conservative candidates to serve in our nation’s capital. We must elect candidates who have a proven voting record that they will stand up against socialistic policies— even if these policies come from their own party—and they must vote for conservative values.


We may never have another chance to turn our Nation Back toward its "Foundation of Liberty"!